Kay Newhouse
West Coast Swing

Event Director





Community Leader 


How I Teach

Private Lessons

For individuals, I customize private instruction to your learning style and pace.

I specialize in the tools that help you find success and joy in dancing with partners of any level.

Group Classes

For groups, I design accessible and fun workshops rich in information for dancers of multiple levels.  I combine my intimate knowledge of our dance roots with a solid understanding of the current expressions of this rapidly evolving street style.  

Insight into why we do what we do grounds my teaching. I teach the tools and skills to find yourself and connect with others in the language of West Coast Swing. 

What I Believe

Social dance is the soul of West Coast Swing: where we share our joy and find connection with one another. 

Building Sustainable & Inclusive Dance Communities


I am an active leader in developing west coast swing social and cultural structures. My consulting work in the US and around the world focuses on building the kind of communities we all want to be part of.

Community Saftey

  • I consult with communities and events on designing and implementing robust codes of conduct and healthy response structures.
  • My work with Dance Jam Productions produced a Code of Conduct and a statement of Expectations of Professional Staff which have been widely shared and emulated by those seeking to strengthen WCS communities, including the World Swing Dance Council.

Newcomer Welcome Program Design

  • As "Newcomer Welcome Program" Designer and Facilitator, I brought a focus on the experience of those new to the multi-day event experience to our DanceJam Production events: MADjam, Swing Fling, and DCSX. 
  • I continue to consult for other national-level events on program design for enriching the experience of event first timers.

Social Change Leadership

  • When we can be ourselves, and respect those around us, our communities thrive. I've guided communities large and small through the transition from gender- to role-based dancing.
  • My positive and community-focused mentorship helps scene leaders navigate this social  change with resiliency, sensitivity, and decreased conflict.

Judging Workshops for Competitors

  • Newcomers, casual dancers and top competitors cite my judging workshops as providing a transformative shift in their connection to the Jack & Jill experience. I'll help you center your competition experience in what you value.

Meet Kay

I first fell in love with West Coast Swing at Craig Hutchinson's Potomac Swing Dance Club, and during the halcyon days of the North River Bar in Manhattan, I earned my master's degree in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. The two parts of my life--teaching and dance--have worked together ever since. These twenty years have been marked by making dance friends and influencing the social milieu of our international dance scene.

I am  a current allstar/pro competitor and GPDIA-certified WCS judge with years of national and international judging experience. As an event director with DanceJam Productions, I coordinate three standard-setting and industry leading west coast swing congress weekends: MADjam, Swing Fling and DCSX.

Outside of dance, I work toward breaking the cycle of poverty through short- and long-term interventions with Interfaith Works, a 501(c)(3) social services organization with a long history of community leadership. Visit my Interfaith Works peer-to-peer page to learn more. 

Kay Newhouse, West Coast Swing